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What are people saying about our workshops?

"The workshop was paced well...good learning environment "
- The Peerless Group

"Excellent materials!
They will become my leadership reference guide
- Carter Lumber

"I had a great time and learned a lot that I plan to use in my job"
- Montgomery County Children's Services

"Well worth my time. I plan to send my staff"
- Artemis Center

"I will definitely use what I've learned here today"
- Ross Group

"I loved the quality of information shared"
- Eskco

"Excellent course content and instructors"
- Roto Rooter

"The content strikes at the core of effective leadership. Great job!"
- Dayton United Way

"I liked the willingness of the instructor to assist in practical application. I can take back the skills I learned here and apply them immediately"
- Life Skills Center

"Excellent facilities, materials, and instructor"
- County Corp

"Fast-paced and very concise. I enjoyed the workshop very much."
- Navistar

"I found the exercises and activities stimulating, and they illustrated the principles taught in a way that made it realistic"
- Northrop-Grumman

"I would highly recommend this course for anyone who deals with people"
- Wayne Hospital

"Outstanding presentation and content!"
- Timken Corporation

The Optibility Performance Group features top-notch trainers and real-world experts to help guide you to success. For additional information or to arrange a meeting, please contact us at
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OPG Workshops

Optibility Workshops are designed to give you the critical skills necessary to be effective. Get hands-on leadership and communication training and coaching from real world experts, who are committed to your success!

Workshops can be conducted in-house, or at an off-site location.  We also offer public workshops in various locations, periodically.  

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Multi-Day Training Programs

Optibility workshops create awareness of issues and can initiate the process of change.  A multi-day, spaced approach will heighten the change process, increase retention, and maximize your return on investment.


The Leader’s Edge 
In-depth leadership coaching and development for managers and supervisors


Critical Skills for Optimized Teamwork
Learning to Work Together Collaboratively to Achieve Positive Results

Developing Optimized Teams
Create an organization where people are committed not just compliant

Communication & Trust
Creating Success through Effective Communication

Optimize Your Performance
Overcome challenges by learning the secrets of success


Optibility full-day, and half-day workshops are designed to create awareness of issues, and equip participants with tools they can use immediately, and sustainably, to get sustainable results.


§       Managing Change 

§       Communication

§       Conflict Management

§       Customer Service

§       Diversity

§       Time Management

§       Presentation Skills

§       Defining Your Purpose

§       Setting Expectations

§       Effective Supervision

§       Productive Meetings

§       Team Collaboration


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