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What are people saying about our workshops?

"The workshop was paced well...good learning environment "
- The Peerless Group

"Excellent materials!
They will become my leadership reference guide
- Carter Lumber

"I had a great time and learned a lot that I plan to use in my job"
- Montgomery County Children's Services

"Well worth my time. I plan to send my staff"
- Artemis Center

"I will definitely use what I've learned here today"
- Ross Group

"I loved the quality of information shared"
- Eskco

"Excellent course content and instructors"
- Roto Rooter

"The content strikes at the core of effective leadership. Great job!"
- Dayton United Way

"I liked the willingness of the instructor to assist in practical application. I can take back the skills I learned here and apply them immediately"
- Life Skills Center

"Excellent facilities, materials, and instructor"
- County Corp

"Fast-paced and very concise. I enjoyed the workshop very much."
- Navistar

"I found the exercises and activities stimulating, and they illustrated the principles taught in a way that made it realistic"
- Northrop-Grumman

"I would highly recommend this course for anyone who deals with people"
- Wayne Hospital

"Outstanding presentation and content!"
- Timken Corporation

xDefine Your Purpose
and Increase Your Passion!

A guide to achieving leadership success


The secret every high performing individual has is that they know exactly who they are and where they are going.  They are able to focus on the areas where their talents, their passions, and their values intersect.  When you are able to clearly focus on things that are important, it is a natural source of motivation - to yourself, and to others.

In this fun, but highly informational workshop, you will learn how to develop absolute clarity about the results you want, and how to achieve personal and professional success. 

Workshop Highlights

Determine What Actually Drives You

Each of us has unique interests, passions, talents and skills. Our innovative process will help you determine where those forces intersect, resulting in the passion to succeed.

Create A Compelling Vision for Action

Learn to effectively translate your experiences into meaningful action, and share them with others.

Use Goal Setting That Really Works

Discover the 5 elements every goal must have in order for it to be meaningful and motivating

Keep Your Focus, Even During Difficult Times

Stay focused on your vision & your goals with powerful techniques and strategies that will keep you on track and moving toward success

Develop A Personal and Professional Action Plan

Use the information gathered in this session to move you toward the success you seek by putting the pieces together into a step-by-step plan.

When: June 26th, 2012  

Time: 8am - 11am (registration & breakfast @ 7:30am)

Where: Dayton Racquet Club 
(top floor of the Kettering Tower)
40 N Main St., Dayton, OH 45423


  • Individual Workshops: $68 per person

  • Includes the Racquet Club breakfast buffet

  • Bonus: Register by Fri., June 22, and get a FREE ticket to the WIBN Lunch & Learn immediately following



Note: payments are processed through PayPal via Mastering Technology, Inc).  You do not need a PayPal account - use your MC/Visa/Discover/Amex

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