Power Productivity

Learn the time management secrets of highly productive people...

"Discover How to Take Charge of Your Time & Your Goals with Powerful and Practical Methods, Skills & Tools"

Do you sometimes feel like you are running a fire department?

Always rushing from one "emergency" to the next, putting out fires?  Understanding how you currently use your time, the barriers that keep you from managing your time effectively, and how to schedule time for the important things will make you more productive and less stressed.

This workshop is designed to help you develop skills, and give you specific tools, to help you become more productive with your time.    



This workshop will help you dramatically increase your effectiveness, allowing you to:

Take control of your projects and tasks
Set priorities and focus on what is most important
Build and use a To Do list that really works
Overcome procrastination
Manage your email effectively and empty your Inbox
Use critical planning to balance important and urgent tasks
Get your workload under control

This workshop is ideal for front-line supervisors, team leaders, managers, and business owners.  The training is conducted in a problem/solution discussion model, in which you can discuss specific challenges and situations you face.