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What are people saying about our workshops?

"The workshop was paced well...good learning environment "
- The Peerless Group

"Excellent materials!
They will become my leadership reference guide
- Carter Lumber

"I had a great time and learned a lot that I plan to use in my job"
- Montgomery County Children's Services

"Well worth my time. I plan to send my staff"
- Artemis Center

"I will definitely use what I've learned here today"
- Ross Group

"I loved the quality of information shared"
- Eskco

"Excellent course content and instructors"
- Roto Rooter

"The content strikes at the core of effective leadership. Great job!"
- Dayton United Way

"I liked the willingness of the instructor to assist in practical application. I can take back the skills I learned here and apply them immediately"
- Life Skills Center

"Excellent facilities, materials, and instructor"
- County Corp

"Fast-paced and very concise. I enjoyed the workshop very much."
- Navistar

"I found the exercises and activities stimulating, and they illustrated the principles taught in a way that made it realistic"
- Northrop-Grumman

"I would highly recommend this course for anyone who deals with people"
- Wayne Hospital

"Outstanding presentation and content!"
- Timken Corporation

The Optibility Performance Group features top-notch trainers and real-world experts to help guide you to success. For additional information or to arrange a meeting, please contact us at
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Optimize Your Performance

Achieve personal optimization by overcoming challenges and learning the secrets of success

Optimization is the process of making a system or design as effective or as functional as possible. Those who can optimize their personal performance are the victors of life.  They are among those who rise to the challenges and opportunities of life with the courage, determination, and wisdom to win the private and public victories. Optimization does not happen by accident. The very definition denotes the fact that it is a process.  It is a journey on which we embark by learning to effectively handle the events and circumstances of our lives. Every action in life gives us the opportunity to further optimize our lives by expanding our vision, engaging in creative thinking, stretching our abilities, and gaining further knowledge and experience. This stimulating program explores the metaphor of sailing to teach the principles of harnessing the natural forces and energies within to achieve results.


What You Will Learn

Attendees of this program will discover a set of principles that will change the way they view their lives as well as their performance on the job. They will grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness, and their ability to handle the challenges and opportunities of the workplace. Such personal transformation forms the foundation for organizational transformation.


Principles of Optimization:

Choose to Win: A paradigm of personal effectiveness that defines success as what happens within you, rather that what happens to you.

Embrace Reality: Discover power and fulfillment as you stop wasting time wishing, resenting, complaining, and blaming.

Exercise Responsibility: See how your success and quality of life come from choices you make and learn to act with certainty, rather that react to the events of your life.

Conquer Your Fears: Learn how to conquer the challenges of life by changing your thinking and behavior.

Chart Your Course: Know what you want and the steps that you must take to achieve it.

Discover Your Compass: Decide what your life is about and those principles by which you will govern yourself.

Act With Integrity: Translate your purpose and vision into reality and make your day-to-day actions consistent with what is most important.

Value Who You Are: Make a decision to care for yourself, accept your weaknesses, and acknowledge and build upon your strengths.



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