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Core Process Map
Identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities of your organization through a comprehensive assessment of its current performance.
Customer Survey
Analyze the challenges and opportunities of your environment and make conscious choices about how to deliver value to your customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors.
Effective Meetings
Sample agenda to create effective meetings Download File
Empowerment Matrix
Sample guideline sheet to help you empower employees Download File
Scorekeeping Matrix
Sample tracking sheet to chart your employees' performance Download File
High Performance Leadership: from Control to Empowerment
As organizations prepare themselves to compete in the chaotic and challenging environment of today, there is no more important theme than leadership. In fact, take a moment to think about the word "leadership." What does it mean? What feelings and images does it arouse inside of you? Download File
Principles of High Performance
Organization change is a great adventure as well as a continuous journey. As you begin the journey of improving your organization, we hope you will capture a sense of adventure as you see the possibilities for creating a great organization. The intent of this white-paper is  to introduce you to the basic principles of High Performance which have guided thousands of organizations in taking firm control of their future. Download File
Self-Mastery: a Plan for Personal Success
Mastery: "Ascendancy or victory in struggle or competition." Masters are victors in life; those who step up to the challenges and opportunities of life with the courage, determination, and wisdom to win the private and public victories. Mastery is not something that happens by accident. It is a process that occurs as we learn to interact effectively with the daily events and circumstances of our lives Download File

Program descriptions are PDF files that open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download program.


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