According to a recent Gallup survey, most people join companies,
but QUIT because of THEIR IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR. It is critical to develop our leadership and communication abilities to create the type of environment where top people will perform at their best, and want to stay.


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What are people saying about our workshops?

"I had a great time and learned a lot that I plan to use in my job"
- Montgomery County Children's Services

"Well worth my time. I plan to send my staff"
- Artemis Center

"I will definitely use what I've learned here today"
- Ross Group

"The content strikes at the core of effective leadership. Great job!"
- United Way

"I liked the willingness of the instructor to assist in practical application. I can take back the skills I learned here and apply the immediately"
- Life Skills Center

"Fast-paced and very concise. I enjoyed the workshop very much."
- Navistar

"I found the exercises and activities stimulating, and they illustrated the principles taught in a way that made it realistic"
- Northrop-Grumman

"I would highly recommend this course for anyone who deals with people"
- Wayne Hospital

The Optibility Performance Group features top-notch trainers and real-world experts to help guide you to success. For additional information or to arrange a meeting, please contact us at
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Boost Performance with Expectations
A Guide to Managing Others

Getting the most out of others on your team, whether you’re the leader or not, requires the ability to effectively set and explain expectations.  When every member of the team understands what is expected of them and the consequences or meeting, or not meeting those expectations, it boosts performance individually, for the team, and for the organization.


Workshop Highlights

Harnessing Harmful Behaviors

  • Accurately determine what to expect from others and express it clearly and understandably
  • Learn to set "fences", not "mine-fields"

How to confront behavior that fails to meet those expectations

  • Follow a simple 3 step process for addressing behavior that does not meet expectations
  • Re-establish expectations and rebuild trust

Develop a personal action plan to implement these skills immediately

  • Be coached by the facilitator to develop your action plan
  • Ask questions of the facilitator about your specific needs and/or situation




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